Monday, June 1, 2015

PowerPlus: Off, Respring And Safe Mode By Pressing A Button [Cydia]

In Cydia released a new useful tweak for the iPhone and the iPad. With PowerPlus user can disable, enable safe mode or do respring pressing the power button.

PowerPlus - not the first tweak the plan for the iOS, but the most aesthetically pleasing. After you install the slider "off" caused by pressing the top button is changed to a matte panel with four buttons. With their help, you can perform the desired action with the device.

In the same menu settings iOS 8 can enable or disable job tweak. Each of the four buttons is responsible for its action: the top - off the gadget, the second - reloads the home screen, the third - activates the Safe Mode, which disables all when tweaks, the fourth - to hide the screen window PowerPlus.

TWIC is a very simple and does not accept any other functionality. It is useful for users who are actively experimenting with their gadgets.

PowerPlus is compatible with devices on iOS 8 and extends through Cydia for free.