Monday, June 1, 2015

Rumor Says That Apple is Developing Service That Will Compete With YouTube

For some time many rumors indicate that Apple is preparing to relaunch the Beats, its streaming music service that will compete with the largest companies of these markets. So far the company has not confirmed the information about his alleged new plan; there are now new rumors claiming that Apple is preparing another streaming service, only to compete with YouTube.

For some time it appeared the first information indicating that Apple was working on a competitor to Google's video streaming service, however, it just "dying" shortly afterwards.

According to information from The New York Post, the Steve Jobs company plans to do a service to the best of Pandora, Spotify and YouTube. Supposedly the company is already with plans for its streaming music and video. The novelty would compete directly with these great services, but possibly would be even better, since that would offer all while consumers.

In 2011 some information who said the company was developing a competitor to YouTube. The main "feeding" this rumor was due to the new data center the company opened in Maiden at the time. A few months after Apple took YouTube from your list of applications standards of iOS, which made speculation even stronger.

Lack very little to the Worldwide Developers Conference 2015, better known as WWDC, and probably the company will clarify a lot rumors that appeared in recent weeks. The event will already take place next Monday (8/6), and the new streaming service, is expected to formally reveal information about Apple iOS 9, new Apple TV, and more.