Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"Shot On iPhone 6" Apple Launches New Ads Field

Today everyone knows that the camera of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus offer a truly amazing quality, in fact it is considered one of the best within the smartphones currently on the market. Now Apple has released a second batch of videos within the campaign "Shot on iPhone 6" both in their YouTube channel and on television around the world.

Apple still does not fit in the war of megapixels, but has still managed to make the camera of the iPhone 6 have a really amazing quality. Also, do not forget about the features and functions that accompany it, as the timelapse mode, Slow-Motion and more.

These ads repeated the formula followed with the first four: have a duration of about 15 seconds and are focused to highlight the quality that has the camera of the iPhone 6. This time you can see really amazing videos that we leave you then. Would you be able to capture images how are you with your iPhone 6?

New recorded with iPhone 6 for "Shot on iPhone 6" videos

These new ad campaign "Shot on iPhone 6" show small prints with the latest generation of Apple's smartphone videos. Last March, the American company launched an initiative using the hashtag # ShotOniPhone6, through which various artists from around the world raised their recorded with their iPhone 6 or 6 Plus videos, and we must recognize that the results are incredible .

This time, in ads this second phase of the campaign "Shot on iPhone 6" can see a video of shadows skaters, a flock of birds that seem to dance in the sky, a worm walking through the grass and how to go about storm clouds. But Apple does not want us to stay in the spectacular nature of what you see in the ads, but in the great possibilities offered by the iPhone 6 camera and its features like slow motion, focus, timelapse mode and video stabilizer .

With this type of video it is shown that "a picture is worth a thousand words" and that at no time we see the iPhone 6, and so if you want to talk about their technical characteristics. Simply focus on show what can be achieved with the smartphone camera.

Utrecht, Netherlands

In the first video recorded by Herbert S. is a flock of birds moving in slow motion drawing shapes in the sky. And it is that as we have seen on other occasions, the iPhone 6 is capable of recording videos in slow motion high quality.

Bodo, Norway

Second, Trond K. recorded over storm clouds on a snowy mountain in the form of timelapse with built in iPhone 6 camera. A really incredible images function.

Hillsboro, Oregon

Bryan L. video shows a worm closely walking on grass. Thus, it is clear that the focus of the camera of the iPhone 6 is really amazing, even when it comes to very small things.

St. Kilda, Australia

Finally, Andy H. decided to capture with the camera of his iPhone 6 silhouette of two skaters moving in slow motion that looked onto a wall.

There is no doubt that the iPhone 6 is a camera that offers impressive quality, both when taking pictures and recording videos. And Apple has once again demonstrated with new videos of your advertising campaign.

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