Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Some Tweaks you should try on your iPhone

Truth be told, this past week has not been much movement especially in Cydia. At least in terms of tweaks and utilities for our iPhone or iPad.

However, we discovered some pretty interesting Cydia tweaks that regard, you should try on your iPhone. Would you like to discover with us?

Selection of the most interesting tweaks this week


Avix is a very useful tool that gives us the ability to significantly improve the user interface of the App Switcher (multitasking windows to switch between applications). It costs only $ 0.99.

Beacon 2

Beacon 2 allows us to modify the color and the Apple logo wallpaper for iPhone reboot.


Blocked continue with a Cydia tweak that enhances the security and privacy of our device and is available for $ 2.99.


This week we had the opportunity to analyze in depth the tweak Columba. It is a tool that allows us to activate the quick response at any time and also gives us the option to compose messages and / or schedule them to be sent at a specific time.


Kextutil continue with a tweak to view and manage Kexts (folders that act as drivers).


Finally, we have recommended the tweak Kik8, a utility that adds many new features to the popular messaging application Kik Messenger.


These were all the tweaks that have been launched this week in Cydia, or at least the most notable. True, not many, but the truth is that some of them are really useful. Have you already tried one of these tweaks on your iPhone? What did you like best? Would you recommend us another jailbreak utility?

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