Friday, June 5, 2015

Super App For iOS, Which Today Are Free! ( 5 June, 2015)

We strive to show only the selected ones and the best that you can be something useful. Developers have decided his application for a time to compromise, in order to support growth  also approached people who would not otherwise downloaded. Read more after the jump.

 Remember that applications can be discounted just a really short time, so it may well be that immediately after the publication of one of these applications again for money. It happens rarely.

Rewind: One Last Chance.

Whole new game from April this year, which is now free. It offers a sophisticated, yet demanding graphics, and it should not be downloaded to the iPhone 4. In the game you have to solve a mystery Vele. You analyze the documents, decode encrypted words and solve various mysteries, came to the final solution. Game Rewind: One Last Chance is available for iPhone and iPad.

  • Original price:1.99 $

StarMap 3D +

As the name suggests applications, Starmap 3D + is used to display the stars, constellations, planets and much more on a 3D map. Map shows relevant to your current location and time. I even show the position of artificial satellites, including ISS. In addition themselves objects also displayed information about the size, distance and other details. Starmap 3D + is now available in version not only for iPhone but also iPad.

  • Original price: $ 1.99

Data Monitor Pro

Even in settings, visit the iPhone uses your data, but it is always necessary to reset and can not find,but  Data Monitor Pro can. You can select a billing period when you begin a new tariff applications and data simply reset and start counting again. Runs in the background, thus constantly measured and predicted usage in advance. In addition to mobile data also measure usage on Wi-Fi.

  • Original price: $ 1.99

Financial Book

Other similar applications Spendee we've had a few days ago. If you do but not much good for advanced features that are useless to you, then Financial Book for you. It offers a simple but nice design and basic functions in an easy interface. Just anytime taps, just how much you spent or earned and the app will record everything, adds or subtracts.

  • Original price: $ 0.99

Extreme Week Calendar

If you are looking for a replacement for the native calendar application on iOS and want something different, then the Extreme Week Calendar application could be a candidate you meet this requirement. Course offers advanced features such as copying and moving event syncing with iCloud or Google calendar, and all showing a little differently than other applications with the same purpose.

  • Original price: $ 0.99

Edge Pro

An application that you can remake the photo into an image that looks like painted. You can choose from up to nine styles and even edit the photo with a few filters and other tools. The outcome can add one of the nearly 60 styles, fonts with your own text.

  • Original price: $ 1.99

Silvertune: Guitar Tuner

If you play the guitar and you want before each performance or normal playing guitar align, then you could help by Silvertune: Guitar Tuner. It is very simple and as already mentioned, is used to sweeten string electric and acoustic guitars.

  • Original price: $ 0.99