Monday, June 1, 2015

Warning China, Japan Wants To Steal The Production Of Apple Components

Being a producer is very profitable for Apple, why it is no surprise to discover that the company's current partners are doing everything to defend against challenges from competitors who try to reach agreement with Apple. According to a new rumor, some Japanese manufacturers are trying to convince Apple to abandon several Chinese suppliers, ensuring a greater number of orders at low prices.

Among the Japanese companies involved to agree with Apple's example Ibiden, which is trying to convince the company to abandon the current Chinese suppliers specialized in printed circuit boards. In addition to Ibiden, there are also the Nippon Mektron and other companies that are offering the advantageous deals with Apple to produce different components.

Apple has been working with a Japanese company, the Japan Display, with whom he has recently entered into an agreement to build a plant to 1.4 billion $, dedicated exclusively to the iPhone display.

In short, Apple has opened up new markets and is now considering proposals from several Japanese companies. The iPhone of the future might speak less and less the Chinese