Monday, June 8, 2015

WatchOS 2.0 will be safer from theft with Activation Lock

The device lock features iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via iCloud is important and has caused the number of thefts decrease in several locations, but there is still something similar to Apple Watch - until now. Apple announced that the watchOS 2.0 will come with the included activation lock function.

The news is reported quietly in a subsection in the preview page of the new system for smart apple watches. The watchOS 2.0 promises more security to its users with the activation lock. It will work in a similar way to this protection devices in IOS, or requires its iCloud Apple ID and password. If your accessory is stolen, it will be very unlikely that the thief can access your information.

Another anticipated novelty that come with watchOS 2.0 is the ability to run applications directly from the Apple Watch itself, rather than relying on an iPhone for abir apps. This is thanks to the new development kit announced during the WWDC 2015.

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