Monday, June 29, 2015

WhatsApp developers work on iOS 9 Beta

As we know next September will be released iOS 9 so many developers are working on compatible Apps for this system and testing them in the betas of iOS 9. This is the case WhatsApp Beta has been available for a group of developers who have unveiled the changes that will bring this version to iOS 9.

It is working on two versions specifically. The first will soon be released this version can only correct mistakes and will not bring big changes.

The most interesting version is the 2.12.5 which if contain significant changes which we present you here:

  • New tools to edit the photo before sending it. Currently, you can only rotate the photo in 90 °, while in this update have the ability to turn one degree. As we do in the native iOS photos.
  • WhatsApp manages storage of your phone if your device has low memory. This is done through your conversations, especially work with multimedia files of the talks especially those who are heavy WhatsApp help us locate and we suggest that intelligently as free space.
  • Clicking on the camera icon you can choose new options for taking pictures. For example, will be the mode 1: 1 to obtain photos, as the square allows us to make even the native camera application.
  • We can choose a custom background for each individual contact.
  • We can also choose a custom sound for each contact, listening to touch wrote for us even without looking at your phone.
  • Add the function "mark as read / unread". It will be useful skip messages without having to open every conversation, or mark as read messages that include an action we have to do and we have to remember later.
  • Finally iOS 9 we can respond to messages directly from the notification and iMessage. Simply drag the notification to display the box to type the answer, all unopened Whatsapp.
  • We can even mute individual chat for several hours, a day or a week. This feature in the current version can only be done in groups.
These are the innovations that will bring WhatsApp for iOS 9.

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