Sunday, June 28, 2015

Will we have iOS 8.4 on 30 June ?

As we know next 30 June Apple will release in over 100 countries worldwide the new music service called "Apple Music", and for this reason we expect iOS 8.4 final version comes out that day, a version of the operating system and includes all the full service on its platform, and allow users to fully use this new service offered by Cupertino.

As presented in the last keynote of Apple, the new streaming music service called "Apple Music" will be released worldwide next 30 June; alongside a few days ago he was released the fourth beta of iOS 8.4 and are waiting for the final version, but: Is it possible that both developments come the following Tuesday ?.

Since Apple released the iOS 8.4 Beta 4, this version had no major improvements since the previous betas and included all, this last beta came to improve some minor points, but mostly had the introduction of the Apple Music service, well this is the main reason to believe that both the final version of iOS 8.4 as the music service would be launched while.

And it has happened in the past with other releases of Apple, where developers accompany news with the release of new operating systems, so it is no wonder that on Tuesday 30 is released the final version of IOS 8.4.

However there is a problem with this theory is that normally rule, Apple releases before the final and stable version of a system, a beta last is often called "Golden Master", whose purpose is to review the system that will users, but this time said final beta has not been released yet, and it's too late, as we are only two days of the launch of Apple Music.

Now we just have to wait to see if Apple really release the final version of IOS 8.4 and streaming music service together.

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