Monday, June 8, 2015

WWDC 2015: Apple unveils application that competes with Flipboard

Monday (8/6) is occurring Worldwide Developer Conference 2015 (WWDC), and Apple has announced several new features to his fans; Company consumers of products now can have fun with iOS 9. Of course, after this sensational announcement, the American manufacturer could not fail to announce other innovations to the system and has now been revealed that there is already an incredible app, the News.

During the event, reveals that Apple is developing an app for iOS 9, which will be a competitor to the popular Flipboard. With it users can view news, articles and various types of content based on your interests, all in a modern, fully interactive digital magazine.

The application is really impressive, its functionality and design pleases consumers who use style tools. Users can choose the publications who wish to or view content by topic. Thousands of topics available, and the app is being developed with a system that becomes smarter every time you use it. You can mark content to read later, view photo galleries, and more.

In addition, users can choose any source to add the digital magazine, however, the best formats are news to come perfectly in the app ecosystem. There are some producers partner content, such as ESPN, The New York Times, among others. According to Apple, the app will offer the best reading experience on mobile devices.

The News will come out to the public on the same day the release of iOS 9. For now, only the United States, Britain and Australia will receive the new application.

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