Thursday, June 4, 2015

Yahoo Will No Longer Provide Support To Some Services On Older Macs And iOS Devices

Yahoo announced on Thursday (4) that some services will no longer support Macs and iOS older devices. Read more after the jump.

Changes made by the company will impact the Yahoo Mail app and Mail own iPhones using Yahoo accounts on older iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. Synchronization with Yahoo Contacts, on older Macs, also stop working. Amendments shall enter into force on 15 June.

Yahoo Mail works only within the Mail application, official iOS devices from iOS 5 or later. Yahoo says fewer people using iOS 4 and therefore will not give more support for this version of the system to focus, as well, safety and functionality for users of - older device owners will be able use the service by the address.

Mac users should keep an eye on contact synchronization in versions of OS X Lion 10.7 or earlier, because it will crash. The company says that users will have to use the web version to access their contacts after the change.

Other Yahoo services should also be changed within the next few days, including Yahoo Pipes. The complete list of services that will undergo changes can be seen on this page.