Monday, July 13, 2015

10 Repos Cydia Jailbreak for iPhone / iPad in iOS 8.4

Within a few hours ago it has been known the news that the iOS 8.4 jailbreak TAIG reached version 2.4.1, using this update we wanted to recommend to our readers a series of repositories Cydia ideal for iOS 8.4.

To complete the collection we will also invite you to discover the past 30 tweaks in Cydia for iPhone and iPad across an article that we have published a few hours ago.Surely one of them will serve useful!

What is a repository?

First, and before starting our collection repositories Cydia jailbreak for iOS 8.4, it is essential to explain to the newer what a repo and what it does.

A source repository Cydia or hides a lot of packages for the jailbreak, when installed on iPhone and iPad, let us browse and download tweaks, utilities and tools that in turn offer us the possibility to improve, customize and enhance our device iOS.

How to add a source or repository to Cydia?

It is very easy, all you must do is go to the "Sources" section of the app Cydia (once the jailbreak, of course) click on the "Edit" button and add the URL of the source or repo that we want to include.

10 repos for the jailbreak of iOS 8.4

Now, we begin with the collection of sources or repositories Cydia for those users that you have chosen to download and install the jailbreak of iOS 8.4 on your iPhone and iPad:

* Chewmieser:
* Elijah and Andrew’s Planet:
* Hashbang Productions:
* Cydro Repo:
* Karen’s Pineapple Repo:
* Pw5a29’s Repo:
* Ryan Petrich’s Repo:
* Tateu’s Repo:
* Team Kodi:
* 46&2 Repository:

Importantly, most of these sources and Cydia repositories contain all kinds of packages, and many are updated from time to time, so some of the tweaks might not work or cause unexpected errors in iPhone and iPad. Since we are not responsible Greenpois0n use these repos.

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