Thursday, July 9, 2015

75% of all produced by LG Display smartphones designed iPhone

LG Display Company produces almost 75% of its production for the iPhone, according to the Korean edition of Business Korea with reference to a published report LG Display. Referring to the analysts, the resource claims that LG is the second largest supplier of LCD panels for smartphones Apple.

LG Display supplies 34.5% of all displays for phones from Apple, according to a company report. The leader is Japan Display, is responsible for supplying 35.9% of production, the third largest vendor - Sharp, are made of 29.6% displays. Compared with last year, LG Display supply increased by 5.7%, thus the company ahead of Sharp in the number shipped Apple displays.

According to the source, 74.7% of all manufactured by LG displays for smartphones designed iPhone. That is, three-quarters of the products of this segment LG sells one client. For their own devices LG uses 19.4% of its screens, and even 1.5% acquires Microsoft.

For comparison, Japan  Apple Display sells only 47% produced displays, that is less dependent on the American corporation.

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