Thursday, July 2, 2015

A new rumor confirms the technical features of the new iPhone 6s

We are in hot dates for the launch of the new iPhone 6s are only a few months, and rumors blasting is becoming increasingly intense. Today we get information from Taiwan, where an employee of Foxconn published in various information Weibo iPhone 6s, we are confident of being manufactured prototypes in Asia.

Among the outstanding features, we can speak of a new pink, higher resolution cameras, the addition of Force Touch A Touch enhanced ID, etc. Here is the complete list of improvements:

  • Apple considers the color pink gold for the iPhone 6s, and so match it with Apple Watch giving it a more premium look and creating a Edition of thousands of dollars. However, it was left with a simple pink tone on anodized aluminum, with a white front, as with the current gold model.
  • The Touch ID improves speed by 30% over the iPhone 6, by scanning fingerprints in less than a second, and more accurately than before.
  • FaceTime front camera will have a 5 megapixel sensor.
  • The rear camera mount a 12 megapixel sensor (first 8 megapixels from the iPhone 4s are exceeded), which also protrude from the housing. They were doing tests with 16 megapixel sensor, but finally opted for one of twelve.
  • 4K video support and a recording mode to 240 frames per second will also be added. We do not know is what resolution will be, but assuming that the iPhone 6 records at 240 fps in 720p, the iPhone 6s may do so at 1080p, as we doubt very much that records 4K slow motion.
  • The Force Touch allow you to take full photo bursts video recording. Until now you could only take one photo at a time while recording video.
  • IPhone 6s come with 2 GB of RAM, but the minimum storage capacity of 16 GB will continue.
Now we can only wait along week to see how mature these rumors, and of these, which were just coming true and what not, the day of the presentation of the iPhone.

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