Sunday, July 5, 2015

Activator and Flipswitch received support iOS 8.4 [Cydia]

A few days have passed since the release of the jailbreak for iOS 8.4, the developers have updated many tweaks that can now be used on devices with a new platform for Apple. Ryan Petrich has announced compatibility with iOS 8.4 final versions of popular jailbreak tweaks and Activator Flipswitch.

Activator - superstructure, without which it would be impossible the existence of many other tweaks in Cydia. This gesture control center where dozens of available actions (such as the launch of certain programs, the creation of tweets, player control, etc.), The user can assign dozens of different sign: the two-finger, and swipe in different directions, and clicks on the status bar or the volume buttons. Activator opens up tremendous opportunities to configure the behavior of iOS user's needs.

Flipswitch, in turn - a special framework for the development of the switches in the iOS. Their main task is to enable / disable various software or hardware components of mobile devices Apple, for example, Bluetooth-receiver, speaker, VPN-connections, etc. Flipswitch allows any developer to add a switch to a tweak or an application written with a minimum of code.

Despite the fact that Switchicons - a demo application, it accounted for almost everything that Flipswitch to offer third-party programmers. Icons switches can be moved anywhere on the home screen, added to the folder, and so on. Tap switch according to activate or deactivate the associated function.

Download Activator and Flipswitch possible right now from the main repository BigBoss. Full list of tweaks that are compatible with iOS 8.4, you can look at this page.

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