Sunday, July 5, 2015

Apple increases lead over competitors in the smartphone market in the US

Data from market research firm comScore for the three months ended in May, indicate that the US smartphone market lull reigns among which only demonstrates the progress Apple. A growing share of her was 1.8%.

Apple leads the US market with a value of 43.5%, followed by Samsung comes with 28,7% (+ 0,1%), LG to 8,2% (-0,1%), Motorola with 4,9% (- 0.2%) and HTC with 3.5% (-0.3%). Obviously, the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will allow Apple to significantly improve the situation at the expense of its competitors. Release Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge Samsung will certainly help to improve the situation somewhat in the following statistics.

With regard to operating systems, the share of iOS in the US is 43.5% (1.8), Android business in a little better - 52.1% (-0.7%), and on Windows Phone smartphones account for 3.0% (-0.5%). In absolute numbers, this means holders of 82.5 million iPhone units in the total value of 189.7 million smartphone users in the US, 99 million Android users and 5.6 million owners of communicators Windows Phone.

The comScore report also affected the balance of power in the market for mobile applications. According to the research, Facebook acquired in the reporting period, 70.2% of mobile devices on iOS and Android. Following are YouTube, Facebook Messenger and Google Play with figures of 59.1%, 52.4% and 52.1%, respectively.

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