Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bizarre! China already sells "iPhone 6S" in pink [video]

The Chinese not only get to be bizarre in terms of technology but can also be evaluated as impressive. You surely must have seen numerous clones of your favorite smartphone, be it an iPhone or Galaxy, but there is no denying it: the Apple device almost suffers a kind of "bullying" of Chinese manufacturers living copying their models in short, sometimes not even been released.

This time Jonathan Morrison, producer of videos for YouTube, decided to buy an iPhone 6S in pink of a Chinese store. No, you did not misread. The guy really got one of these clones to test it and record video to your channel. The most interesting of all is that the device is based on Android, which should be a free platform, allows users the possibility of more radical changes. Indeed, who looks at first glance, does not realize that is a clone.

Yes, so much lag the overall interface, but imitates well a device with iOS. When you open the App Store it opens the Play Store, and other native features of iOS, of course, do not run at all on a device with Android.

Now, talking about the visual side of the unit, in fact, who is a lay ends up falling in a coup and easily. It's amazing how the smartphone industry clones managed to evolve in recent years and today can deliver machines with less and less doubtful look. Of course, anyone who get such a device to stir for 10 or 15 minutes will end by noting that it is a clone, but it's still valid realize that the changes are few.

The contents of the box, for example, is virtually the same as an original iPhone. The papers are identical. Already the headphones, however, have very inferior to EarPods and can be purchased at any eBay life for five bucks.

The gaming performance also appears to be suitable for a completely cloned device of another that was even released. Testing Leo's Fortune, Morrison gets to be impressed by the capacity in which the game can run on the device.

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