Saturday, July 11, 2015

Can we expect the next generation of Apple TV?

Three years have passed since the last update Apple TV. But the company Apple, spending the next big event, and has not mentioned a word about the fate of their set-top boxes.

The device for streaming video from Apple lasted for three years without upgrading, while Internet TV has grown and become more accessible. During this period of time in the history of Apple had a lot of highlights and activities, but none of them have not been time for a serious discussion of the future of Apple TV. However, the agenda of the WWDC developer conference last month was different from the usual course of events.

Recently in the press there were many reports that this year the Titanium consumer electronics launches a new console, which will be launched simultaneously with the Internet TV platform, said Mediasat. In March, Apple cut the price of a commercially available model for streaming media from $ 99 to $ 69, which was perceived by many as a clear signal that the company releases its warehouses in anticipation of the imminent release of a new version on the market.

However, as the World Conference for developers, it became clear that the prospects for it to hear something about the new device for streaming video are becoming increasingly vague. According to press reports, Apple failed to conclude agreements with producers of TV programs and time to form a suitable package of TV channels for the new platform.

The absence of a movement associated with the possible development of the presentation, underlines the serious problems encountered by even such powerful players, like Apple, the introduction of video services to change the status quo. Suppliers of TV content, for example, can expect more favorable conditions. The conclusion of contracts related to copyrights, with hundreds of the country's local television stations - not a simple matter, as the conclusion of agreements with several parent companies.

Lower prices for set-top box Apple TV, meanwhile, can reflect not only the availability of Apple's production plans; it can only be a recognition of the existence of cheaper products from competitors. Dongle Chromecast from Google, which allows you to watch online video, can be purchased for $ 35. And most importantly, even in the absence of any significant marketing moves, technical updates, or the launch of new advanced services, sales of Apple TV are more or less well.

This means that Apple has no real sense to market the crude product. Thanks to its untwisted name, Apple may wait to use the right time and do everything as it should. The company has never been plagued with failures due to the fact that she had done something after the expected timing when competitors have already done - remember the success of the iPod, which appeared on the market, which is already present other models of digital players, or the iPhone, which has been far not the first smartphone. However, the company's reputation can hurt placing on the market a product that would not meet the expectations of the tasks entrusted to it, rather than to wait and do everything as it should be.

Content is everything

For many years the opportunity to view traditional TV programs via the Internet remained an unattainable dream, as rights holders were in no hurry to sell the rights to broadcast its channels, for fear that the so-called OTT content delivery can reduce the number of those who watch these channels through the traditional system of content distribution - such as cable or satellite platform operators. However, after the number of subscribers to pay-TV platforms, the traditional start to decline anyway, the network began to revise their principles and given the opportunity to receive a new online players - such as the Platform Sling TV from Dish Network and PlayStation Vue from Sony.

Platform Sling TV - a service that for a monthly fee of $ 20 per month makes it possible to watch streaming more than 20 linear TV channels with optional add-on packages for a fee. Platform PlayStation Vue offers a similar service to the residents of Chicago, New York and Philadelphia, who have the console PlayStation; This platform includes more channels - up to 60 - but the monthly fee for its users is 50 dollars a month.

If Dish Network and Sony were able to run their OTT-platform, why can not Apple?

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