Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cortana Windows 10 also on OS X with Parallels 11

Windows 10 was officially launched today, and one of its most important new features is definitely Cortana, the voice assistant virtual Microsoft designed to compete with Apple's Siri. Despite being exclusive to Windows, users can use Mac OS X Cortana. As? Using an updated version of the Parallels software for virtualization of Microsoft operating system. For those not familiar, Parallels is a software designed to allow running Windows and its applications on the Mac.

According to a new document leaked on the net in the last hour (no longer available, ed), the next version of Parallels, or the 11, provide access to Cortana on OS X and Windows 10 is running in the background. The voice assistant will be called Microsoft saying the phrase "Hey Cortana" while using other applications on the Mac.

Announced last year, Cortana is a digital assistant that takes its name from a character in the popular video game Halo. Its search engine Bing reference is obviously, and differs from Siri for his ability to ask questions about users and to monitor their activities in order to learn information as possible.

While Windows 10 was released officially today, there are information related to the launch of Parallels 11. The previous version of the software has been updated with support for build of Windows 10 but not the final version.

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