Friday, July 10, 2015

Following rumor, Apple should update iPods next week

Practically confirmed the rumor that Apple is expected to announce new iPods next Tuesday (14), the French site, which is regarded as a reliable source for have already released specific information about Apple, reports that the new iPod touch (codenamed "N102") should be a more significant upgrade of the device, including the arrival of the processor "AX" 64bit, while the iPod nano ("N31A") and the iPod Shuffle ("N12D") should only be updated new colors.

The expectation is that the new generation of iPod touch adopt the A7 chip (64bit) from Apple, but it is still uncertain say something since no other information was revealed to confirm the specifications. Besides the colors, new, the device also lose the pin to attach the bracelet "loop", that you can grip on the rear and thus in his hand - something very similar to the bracelets accompanying smaller digital cameras.

Earlier this month, including the site MacRumors discovered a complete line-up of his new colors for the iPod touch, nano and shuffle in a hidden file within iTunes features. Among them, the colors silver are included, space gray, red, pink (with a light bright tone), dark blue and gold.

It is also expected that Apple updates the storage capacity of iPods and other small changes. The last update that Apple made the iPod touch and iPod nano was in 2012; iPod shuffle was last updated in 2010.

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