Monday, July 13, 2015

GameBench: iPhone 6 beats Samsung Galaxy S6 on the performance of the games

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus won in a series of benchmarks flagship Android phones released in recent months, and the same applies in the performance of the games. The last test was carried out by GameBench.

GameBench carried out a series of tests to evaluate the performance of gaming and iPhone 6 , Galaxy S6, together with those of the Google Nexus and HTC One 6 M9, starting on these devices different types of games made by various developers.

Overall, these tests have shown that the iPhone 6 offers better results in terms of average FPS, and the minimum number of FPS reached during the test. The smartphone Apple performs better in terms of stability of the FPS, which is mainly in games that require high performance.

In general, GameBench found that games launched on iPhone use about a quarter of the RAM of the same games on Android, highlighting the fact that the hardware alone does not mean anything without optimization software.

In tests, it was also found that IOS devices not only exceed their counterparts Android for optimization of RAM, but also use a clock frequency lower relatively to the CPU. Be faster despite, in some cases, the hardware is less, indicating that IOS is better optimized even with the third party applications, and among other things this allows to optimize the battery life.

Another problem concerns the resolution. Many Android users have noticed poor graphics performance on high-resolution screens like the Galaxy S6, and this is partly true: the use of very high resolution screens - along with processors not optimized - is one of the main reasons for which the high-end devices play games the same way as smartphone cheaper. In fact, to get around the presence of too many pixels GPU and not the height, many developers resize graphics on Android to bring up these games with a quality much worse than the other party for iOS.

In practice, to achieve the same performance of iOS, developers resize the graphics of the games when developing for high-end terminals Android.

These differences were detected in several titles, especially for the Galaxy S6.

Eventually, GameBench rewards the iPhone 6, because it offers a gaming experience "10% better than the Galaxy S6 in all high end games tested." Among other things, the engineers point out that the iPhone 5s are able to reproduce without problems all the most challenging games on the App Store, with high performance and the same way as the iPhone 6, thanks to a 64-bit processor .

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