Thursday, July 2, 2015

How to Use Any App Android on your Mac

Have you ever imagined you'd play all Android apps on your Mac? This is now possible thanks to BlueStacks, an emulator that lets you download and enjoy millions of Android applications directly on your computer.

The Android applications and games are amazing in smartphones and tablet, but they are even better in larger screens, such as a computer monitor. With BlueStacks App Player now this is possible and can run virtually any Android title on your Mac computer in an easy and simple way.

The best games and mobile applications in the world now reaches computers optimized for use with mouse and keyboard. Not only can you play games, there are hundreds of applications available, including messaging.

BlueStacks lets you run many Android apps on your Mac

If you're one of those people who loves to play with the phone but hate running out of battery, with BlueStacks it is possible to play or talk with friends through my messaging all the time you want without draining the battery of your phone.

There is the possibility to connect the Android smartphone to a monitor or TV to enjoy your screen in a larger one, but usually quite cumbersome because you notifications also appear, incoming calls and more. With BlueStacks emulator you can use all those Android applications without interruption and without having to connect the phone to your computer.

In addition to the above, BlueStacks also enables applications using streaming video, photo editors and many more that are enjoyed and managed better on larger screens. Especially if they are of high quality as those that accompany the various Mac models.

BlueStacks goes a step further and take advantage of the various components of Mac

As discussed CultofAndroid boys, unlike other emulators Android, BlueStacks enables applications to take advantage of the various components of the Mac to deliver an experience even better use. So, Android apps can use the camera Mac, microphone, speakers or multi-touch TrackPack among other things, so that you can make video calls, perform multi-touch games and much more.

Until recently the emulator BlueStacks was only available for Windows, but has now made the leap to Mac computers also. Note that is compatible with 96% of applications and 86% of developed games for Android, which as we said above, they have been optimized for use with mouse and keyboard.

To start using Android apps on your Mac just download the emulator BlueStacks completely free from their website. You can access it by clicking on the link below.

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