Sunday, July 12, 2015

Installing a Third keyboard in iOS 8

Tired of the same keyboard always on your iPhone or iPad, we know that perhaps the default keyboard for iOS is not the best ever, but thanks to Apple introduced keyboards third in iOS 8 now have a wide variety of them where choose both pay and free.

Some third-party keyboards can offer much more than what you expect, a few days ago we talked about Fleksy Keyboard, one of the best and has now passed the freemium format being free download, but adding content that can be purchased separately. But this is not the only third-party keyboard will find, along the months since iOS 8 launched have appeared many more, but may not know how to install third-party keyboard, for they will help you with this tutorial.

Install a third-party keyboard iOS 8

We will explain how to install a third-party keyboard is done in a few simple steps, so do not miss and download the one you like to add it to your iPhone or iPad. To install a third-party keyboard just you have to follow the following steps:

1. The first thing to do is choose a keyboard from the App Store. There are different options, from adding new features to simple changes in appearance.

2. Once downloaded chosen keyboard and must activate it in Settings / General / Keyboard, although once installed keyboard is activated by default. Some make requests to access different configurations, if pressed when asked.

3. Now we just have to try the keyboard, the different options and get used to it. Once you've decided the best thing one can do you are select this keyboard to be the iOS 8 Use by default for all applications. To do this you must go to Settings / General / keyboard / keypads and there select the keyboard you just installed to be the one used by default.

4. If at any time you want to re-use the keyboard that comes standard with iOS 8 you can uninstall you have chosen and add the original keyboard in Settings / General / keyboard / keypads and in this section choose "Add New Keyboard".

With these four simple steps you had added a third keyboard to your iPhone or iPad, tutorial we have known thanks Techradar. Remember that you have many available on the App Store, many of them free, so it will issue you find the one that best suits your needs. If you know any keyboard that for you stands out above the rest, please stop which is in the comments, I'm sure it will be helpful for those who find it hard to decide.

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