Thursday, July 9, 2015

IOS 9: How many applications come in a folder?

Every time we are less time it leaves IOS 9, the new version of Apple's mobile operating system. This mini version also iPad users can enjoy iPhone 4s on, as well as all versions of iPad from the second generation, and its newer sisters and of course, fifth-generation iPod.

It is hoped that this new version of IOS is ready to be presented in September, but the latest Apple iOS 8.4 Music incorporated the new streaming music service from Apple, a service that has caused critical and praise for parts equal. Spotify new competition is here to stay, and great value.

But the news today is focused on IOS 9 as the beta number 3 seems to have left a good impression to developers, what makes us think that the final version will be a success at the adoption by the common user. Why you have left a good feeling? Because among other interface improvements can be seen to include Apple News, and a feature to iPad users will like.

Do you remember how many applications we can put in a folder? Exactly 135, this thanks to folders that accommodated 3 rows and 3 columns, given a total of 9 applications out. Now, with the new beta of IOS 9 may get up to 240 applications. Why? Because now both rows and columns are 4, that is 4 × 4, giving out 16 applications, a total of nine glances, more than enough.

We are sure that Apple could make even more screen space you have to accommodate the iPad folders of 5 x 5, if it does maybe it's for a reason. Anyway, it seems that the new version of IOS will actually be more productive, wait until September for testing.

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