Thursday, July 30, 2015

iPhone 6 vs. Moto X Style: Comparison of smartphones

Once again we will make a comparison between the iPhone 6 mobile and the smartphone Moto X Style. The two phones are very different in design and features and therefore will compare various aspects of the two smartphone, as we always do, divided into several sections.

Design and screen size

Perhaps it would have been more fair to compare the Moto X Style with iPhone 6 Plus, since Motorola smartphone has a 5.7-inch screen of the iPhone 6 with only 4.7 inches. But we are more interested in other aspects, more technical.

Naturally Style Moto X has a larger size than the iPhone 6 and also that your screen is bigger, also has a higher resolution 2560 × 1440 pixels, compared with 1334 × 750 pixels Apple smartphone. Moreover pixels per inch are also higher in the Moto X Style, reaching 326ppi 520ppi compared to the apple phone.

The design of the iPhone 6 We have spoken many times, so we will let you know that the smartphone Motorola is manufactured with plastic and does not have any physical button on the front, betting on virtual buttons including the touch screen . It also adds two speakers in the front, while the iPhone 6 only has one at the bottom.

On the back there are also differences, while the iPhone 6 features a unique piece on the back of aluminum, the Moto X Style has a metal ring around the sides of the phone and has a wide range of subsequent panels to choose from, the back cover, ranging from normal, different colors, even simulating wood or leather.

Technical characteristics

In this regard it is noteworthy that the smartphone Motorola is a more powerful device has a Snapdragon 808 processor with six processors 1.8GHz and GPU Andreno 418, compared to the already known A8 dual-core processor and Apple 64bit.

But other notable difference is the amount of RAM, with 3GB for Moto X Style and only 1GB for the iPhone 6. Although the operating system might introduce in this aspect, since iOS makes better management of RAM and maybe 1GB is more than enough, although at this stage is beginning to be a little lacking, something the iPhone 6s will remedy.

As for storage space Style Moto X has capacities ranging up to 64GB maximum, but can be expanded up to 1280GB through expansion port and a MicroSD card. IPhone 6 also has 128GB of storage space, but there is no way to expand the space.

We compare cameras

We arrived at one of the sections that you like, the camera of each device. We know well the iPhone 6 camera with a very high performance for most situations and some very good results when you take pictures with your camera 8MP.

However Style Moto X has a 20MP camera with an f / 2 that is able to capture much more light in adverse lighting conditions, the sensor f / 2.2 iPhone 6. In addition the front camera smartphone Motorola 5MP and has the same sensor as the rear, while the iPhone camera has only six 1,2Mp, something that has already been exceeded.

As always, we must thoroughly test the camera Moto X Style for a fair comparison, but the numbers on the table Apple smartphone remain below its competitor.

The Price

We have not mentioned anything about the price, but in this aspect Style Moto X wins, as the smartphone is priced at $ 399, we assume that conversion to the euro will be 1/1 and iPhone 6 has a starting price in the € 699 easier, a much higher price model.

The truth is that at this time of year if you're thinking about getting the iPhone 6 is best to wait a few months to announce the iPhone 6s, which renew the range and be more powerful. But the Moto X Style is a great smartphone, at a good price for all that it offers, so we feel a great option too.

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