Wednesday, July 1, 2015

iPhone 6S, first pictures of the motherboard: speed LTE doubled up to 300Mbps and lower power consumption

The guys at 9to5Mac have come into possession of some images of the skeleton of what should be the iPhone 6S. In a first article we have seen how the body appears identical to the current model, except for the anchor points which are different due to a new hardware that will be introduced.

Today, it published a second article (which surely others will follow in the coming days) where it is revealed the wireless chip and other information about him.

The chip will be the MDM9635M manufactured by Qualcomm, also known as "9X35" and ensure and double the speed in LTE. This chip was announced in 2013, but the production times have proved very slow and only a year after it came on the market, when Apple had already prepared the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Samsung, with the latest models of its flagship smartphone, already use a very similar chip that can double the speed of 150Mbps reaching up to 300Mbps, which we will see on the next iPhone 6S.

The new processor will be more powerful but able to reduce energy consumption and save battery while using the LTE connectivity. The motherboard will be smaller and offer more room for a slightly more capacious battery. Combining all of the iOS 9 that is lighter and also incorporates a power saving mode, we get excellent performance in relation to consumption. This may already be a reason to bring users to buy the new model.

The 9X35 is a 20nm chip, smaller than that of 28nm Attual. In addition, it manages the construction through a new process makes the chip more efficient from the energy point of view and substantially reduce the possibility that the iPhone become too hot.

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