Sunday, July 26, 2015

iPhone 6S will be 32Gb in its initial version

It appears that privileged information emanating from the main production factory of the future iPhone 6S shed light on this issue. It was high time that Apple decided to get rid of the initial version of 16Gb of its products, which today, with the amount of data used only in applications, is an ability to clearly insufficient to keep the comfortable and carefree about using your device, especially when upgrades and install new applications user.

The information, as we have said, this information comes from the Chinese blog "MIC Gadget" and say their information is first hand, from the same factory of Foxconn. Of course, if true, Apple does not win for trouble with his friends the Chinese and the number of leaks that have suffered for years. In short, the guys from the blog warn that they are not making no cases of devices bearing the stamp of capacity 16Gb and Apple is manufacturing only boxes 32Gb, 64Gb and 128Gb.

It would certainly be a good move by Apple if you decide to retire the capacity of 16Gb how little use is already being today, although iCloud Drive and different clouds available in the market today alleviate much loading capacity have so little use in a device therefore. However, this information contrasts with that poured Phil Schiller suggested that the company would manufacture 16Gb devices that could endure with the new offer iCloud Storage Drive.

Anyway, hopefully the 16GB version disappear with the arrival of the new iPhone and iPad, or at least, the 16GB version to a kind of range of access relieve somewhat more affordable than 32Gb but increase the initial price of the iPhone 6S occasion to extend 16Gb capacity.

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