Saturday, July 4, 2015

Problems with Apple Music?

More will soon leave Apple Music that when it stopped coming problems. If you hired the new streaming music service offered by Apple and you notice problems, you may not be the only one that has happened. Users start to complain and this of course, is normal, if you hire a service expect to be effective, but Apple Music disappointed.

What has happened? As it has then prepare for more than one year would be the best streaming music service, he failed. Far from taking place with other similar services like Spotify or Tidal, it seems to have lost. The user experience in the application and in the same iTunes is poor, despite the renewal seems that Apple has failed.

In its favor is many things, starting with the prestige, we know that talking about Apple is synonymous with quality, and the player is aesthetically very nice. But when an app with many bugs as Apple Music is tested there are no more eager to uninstall. But keep in mind it costs, even though there are three free months, costs $ 9.99 a month, so users must demand a satisfactory service.

What are the problems that have played against? Starting because sometimes it works and sometimes not, sometimes goes well and many others do not, does not add music to playlists you ask, doubles playlists, takes to load the songs he played, crashes, send your music to iCloud, among other faults that users continue to report. Plus it can be confusing or complex to handle.

Should I uninstall? Only in extreme measures, or because you really can not stand over his failures, if you are a user and not very demanding patient may not notice many problems, and uninstalling only recommend, again, as an extreme measure.

Most likely, Apple launched an IOS 8.4.1 for correction of errors, we do not believe that the company will not listen to their users and wait until IOS 9 is ready. It would be a grave mistake. In addition, the company is characterized by mobile versions and followed it, error correction. It seems that Apple software failure, bad news because it is very sad that after all the time that has passed continue to report such problems.

The saddest thing about this matter is that competition has been much better, and the experience shows, it is always so. Apple has one of the largest catalogs in music market is concerned, but in terms of experience in the streaming still lacks much polish. Hopefully soon they solve the problems presented.

  • Have you had any problems with Apple Music?

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