Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Problems with the GPS on iOS 8.4? fix here

As we all know, Apple launched its new iOS version 8.4 includes enhancements and bug fixes and application of music nuva (Apple Music).

Many users who have installed this version have problem when using the GPS as it refuses to lock their position and accuracy of our location itself is pretty bad.

In this article, we'll give you a few tips that have been helpful to many people with this problem:

1. Reset your device. You only have to hold the home button and the on / off simultaneously. We must release the buttons when the screen goes blank fully with the Apple logo.

2. The second tip (if you do not work the first) is to disable the location of the application itself, for it will have to go to application settings, heading to privacy and once there select Location Services. When we get there we will get an option called location services in which we have to disable it. When you deactivate, we will restore our device in the manner we have explained in the previous tip. Once restored, we will start the application and go back to the previous option since we have disabled to enable it again.

3. The third tip (if you do not work above) is to restore the network settings. To do this go to Settings, General, and will press Reset - Reset Network Settings Keep in mind that if we make this step we will have to configure the settings for Wi-Fi and VPN configuration..

4. If none of these tips have helped you keep all you can say is that restore your device to factory "start" and you can configure the device again.

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