Sunday, July 12, 2015

Switch2 bring a fresh view to multitasking iOS

Throughout the history of iOS and even long before Apple released multitasking compatible with its range of mobile devices, some developers were already experimenting with applications developed under the scheme of the jailbreak, what would be a long time after of the great innovations in this platform.

It was thus that were gradually coming to light a lot of applications designed not only to improve the display of multitasking but also to add some improvements and customizations. Among these applications it has highlighted one that will add to the list in the coming days and whose name is Switch2.

The application in question improves multitasking interface that can display up to three applications simultaneously may use some simple gestures like p. ex. swipe down to close all running applications or to either side to close a specific application.

But that's not all because Switch2 also include own animations that will make the use of the application even more dynamic but above all functional. About its characteristics in detail as well as its price and availability much is still unknown, but is expected to arrive in the coming days to Cydia and therefore our iOS devices.

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