Friday, July 10, 2015

The Galaxy Note 5 will be launched in August to anticipate the iPhone 6s?

Samsung is planning to move the launch of the Galaxy Note 5 on September or August, to anticipate in this way Apple and its iPhone 6s.

The news was reported by the Wall Street Journal, who rarely exhibits if the rumor is not considered that the most reliable. In practice, Samsung would try to convince users anticipating Apple and proposing the Galaxy Note 5 weeks before the iPhone than 6s. In this way, fans might decide to buy now a new generation terminal, without having to wait until the end of September.

Usually, Samsung presents the new terminals at IFA in Berlin which is held in the first week of September, but this time, perhaps because of the huge success of the iPhone 6, the launch could be anticipated of these weeks

Samsung was in fact one of the companies most affected by the choice made by Apple to offer smartphones with larger screens.

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