Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The "Hacking Team" Could Infiltrate Jailbreak iOS Devices

Cybersecurity firm "Hacking Team" has experienced data theft a couple of days ago and as a result 400 GB of documents have been leaked on the Internet, as reported by "The Guardian". The documents confirm the capacity of the "Hacking Team" to infiltrate and control the iPhone and iPad that have the Jailbreak done, even in the name of the enforcement of the government and the NSA.

Your iOS device with Jailbreak is made more vulnerable

So users who have completed the Jailbreak iOS 8.4 on your iPhone or iPad and later versions, should note that they are more exposed to possible infiltration of a third and even the security forces of the government of the United States can take control of your iOS device more easily thanks to the tools developed for this purpose and under the hiring of "Hacking Team" as we will explain below.

"Much has been made before and after the release of Edward Snowden documents of the National Security Agency (NSA) in 2013, about the capabilities of the agencies of the United States, as well as allies and enemies. The "Hacking Team" reveals a little more about the routine of third party vendors in this ecosystem, including capabilities specifically listed functions. "He says a report from Macworld.

Software "Hacking Team" would have to be installed on an iPhone with Jailbreak done, but the company has the ability to perform the Jailbreak themselves and infect a smartphone or tablet with its software through a malware that infect the phone. Among the list of prices can be seen in the leaked report, the company would charge $ 50,000 to hack a device and this would include "features" like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber chats, location, contacts and call list. However this proposed service also includes a prerequisite of an iPhone with Jailbreak.

The "Hacking Team" uses a legitimate certificate of the Apple company, which is used by companies to create software that can be easily installed on user devices, combined with iOS devices jailbreak, to circumvent the protections of the installation of legitimate applications of iOS. In addition the team has also developed a malicious application, which through eBooks could capture keystrokes and install monitoring software on the device they choose. With all these tools available to governments if need be.

Tools used by the government to have made headlines before hacking

Hacking information through tools used by the government for information on the device has already been in the news before. Specifically in the case of "celebgate" when thousands of photographs of famous leaked online, it became known that the tool used for this violation of privacy was ElcomSoft Phone Password Breaker, an application aimed at government agencies, lawyers. This was achieved steal user names and passwords to access iCloud photographs of celebrities.

But do not fear a widespread spying, since according to the documents indicates the "Hacking Team" would only ability to spy devices individually and never more a vast network devices. Besides the leaching of these documents will be valid for Apple you patch these security flaws with future updates of IOS, as we have known .

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