Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The new displays LG will make the iPhone and iPad is thinner and lighter

The company LG Display, one of the main suppliers of displays for gadgets Apple, announced a thin and light LCD touch panels that use technology Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT). Mass production of these panels is planned for the second half of 2015.

The new LG Display screens will apply a special technology, which has already been tested in the production of mobile companies. AIT panels differ from conventional so that the touch screen is integrated in the panel, rather than added to it, as usual.

As described in the LG, AIT technology involves placing sensors directly under the surface of the screen, eliminating the need to install a separate panel and reduces the thickness of the display module.

The screens created by the method of AIT, characterized by high brightness and instantly react to touch. According to the manufacturer, the technology provides very high sensitivity: the screen can react even fallen a drop of water. Furthermore, protective glass occupies less space. As a result of AIT-display is 25% thinner and 35% lighter than existing counterparts.

Display Technologies Advanced In-Cell Touch can be used in the next generation of smartphones and tablets Apple.

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