Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Watch can share files with a handshake

Apple Watch has come to our country and it is increasingly common to see people on the street with him in the wrist. Apple is already working on the next generation and the next version of the operating system, without going any further just request a new patent on a new system that would allow the Watch share files with another with a simple handshake, amazing true?

Ever you had raised the possibility that Apple should include a feature like this in the Watch? The truth is that it would be quite interesting to share files or data with a user with another Apple Watch with the same gesture used to say hello.

In the description of this patent reflects not only the possibility of exchanging data between two Apple Watch with a handshake, a bow or clash of fists is also included. To do this, the clocks would use motion sensors and short-range wireless to exchange files.Not even you would require touching the screen!

 Apple  Watch could exchange different files by the gesture used

Apple already has a broad portfolio of patents in its possession, which continue to expand slowly. This time they have surprised us with this new data transfer system that would allow two users of Apple Watch exchange files easily with a simple gesture.

Some time ago it became fashionable an application for smartphones through which users could exchange files via Bluetooth slightly colliding with another device. Apple goes a step further and discloses this would not be necessary not even touch screen Watch and direct contact between the two clocks to transfer files.

On the other hand, it seems that the devices can exchange different data types depending on the exact gesture. It would be as simple as making the gesture of greeting with the hand or fist bump to exchange different types of data between two Watch.

Will we see this feature in future generations of OS Watch?

As they say in Engadget, the fact that Apple has applied for a patent and that the patent be granted, it does not necessarily mean it will become a reality and that in the future the Watch for transferring data through a handshake or clash of fists. It would not be the first time such an interesting technology remains only on paper, but hopefully this time it is not.

Who knows if Watch OS 2 or in future versions of the operating system clock Apple decides to include this feature for now have native support for third-party apps. The truth is that we must recognize that seems quite interesting and useful, and certainly more than one will pull out a great game.

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