Wednesday, July 15, 2015

They're here: these are the changes in the new iPod family

We had to wait for years, but Apple has finally encouraged to update its iPod family, how were abandoned. Do not expect major changes or developments rabid. In fact, iPod shuffle and iPod nano are unchanged beyond a change of colors available for housing. In addition to new colors, we can also buy red edition Product (RED).

Which also changes color, it has also received new aesthetic level is the iPod touch, which is the only one that improves its internal hardware and abandons the ancient A5 processor, which receive IOS 9, the latest version compatible with the Apple A5. Apple now brings A7 processor as the iPhone 5s riding with 64-bit support, with M8 motion coprocessor and Touch ID fingerprint reader. The camera is also improved by incorporating an 8 megapixel sensor, we do not know if iPhone 5s also inherits directly or it brings the iPhone 6.

IPod touch gives our customers access to Apple Music, and the iOS App Store, the world's most advanced operating system from just 229 euros. Developments such as the A8 chip and 8-megapixel iSight camera will allow customers to play like never before, making some amazing photos and enjoy all their music and movies.

Maintains 4-inch Retina display, like that brought the previous model. It also incorporates Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, which is much faster and more powerful than the old standard 802.11 n. Of course, it comes with iOS 8.4, Apple Music brings under his arm. It will depart from 229 euros, the 16GB model. The model of 32 GB and 64 GB will cost 279 euros and 339 euros respectively. As a novelty, this is the first iPod touch available in 128 GB, which will sell for 449 euros.

The iPod nano just updated its range of colors, which now simplifies to blue, gold, pink, silver and gray space. What I think shame is that at this height of the movie, Apple still dares to sell a product with a user interface inspired by iOS 6, which is already more than two years ago was abandoned. Now, update the device and do not deign to put the interface day; I think it's a real tease to the user.

Its price remains at 229 euros with one available capacity: 16 GB. Are only 50 euros less than the touch, so that your purchase is difficult to justify.

The shuffle, like its big brother the nano, only updated colors and continues to maintain price and features: 55 euros for a single 2GB model, also available in blue, gold, pink, silver and gray space.

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