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Top 20 jailbreak tweaks for iPad with iOS 8.4 [video]

Less than two hours it took for the Chinese hackers to release the untethered jailbreak for iOS 8.4. The utility allows you to break TaiG all models of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, running the new OS. The procedure takes less than five minutes by simply pressing a button on the screen.

Currently iOS 8.4 is compatible with many popular utilities from the directory Cydia. Developers actively involved in the process and adapt existing applications to run on the new platform. Previously published articles Greenpois0n top 10 best jailbreak tweaks for smartphones. Now turn the tablet. For iPad also presents a large number of useful extensions, many of them free.

Controllers For All is a utility for managing DualShock gamepad 4 of consoles Sony Playstation 4. So if you're an avid gamer, and have already got PS4, this development is just for you. Of course, the connection of the joystick requires jailbreak. But the process takes several minutes.

Polus is designed to change the lower row of icons in the control iOS 8. Initially, select the application shortcuts to be displayed in the lower curtain. There is an option that will sort the program run frequency. For each icon, you can assign two actions: a short or long press. In addition to opening the program can be assigned to one of the teams Activator. Separate slider lets you choose the number of icons that appear on the same page.

Eclipse 2 offers a special concept of visual style iOS. As you know, setting, App Store, and many other regular programs OSes Apple is very bright. The menu and the design is dominated by white, like that is not all. This is particularly inconvenient when working with the gadget in the evening. Eclipse 2 adds iOS 8 black theme. The utility changes the bright white color UI in the dark, and the font and buttons, on the contrary, makes the light. You can select the main tone of the background and interface elements.

AppButton - a new way to switch between applications. Just touch anywhere on the screen and drag your finger to select a program.

FolderEnhancer accelerates opening folders, activates them run full screen (on the dock), allows you to fill an unlimited number of icons that supports scrolling, pagination, and more.

Barrel - one of the most famous visual add-ons for iOS. It changes the visual effect of turning pages with icons on one of the preset. The owners of iPad more than 20 kinds of options. It looks very cool and impressive.

Springtomize 3 is a unique add-jailbreak: tweak combines the functions of several dozen other add-ons, allowing you to enable or disable any of them with one touch. Countless variety of options to configure icons, folders, dock line with a clock, lock screen, multitasking panel and even animation mobile "OSes» Apple offers Springtomize 3.

CallBar - one of the most useful parts of the phone of VoIP-calls and tweaks. Thanks CallBar you do not lose the game for the fault of another, who called you at a bad time. After installing the extension, during an incoming call pop-up window will appear prompting you to choose: to answer, reject call, write SMS or recall the call later. If at the time of the call, press the volume down button, then you do not block the call, just turn down the volume, and use the device.

Mirmir sells for iPad multitasking mode. In accordance with the concept of programmers, electronic gadgets with apple on the body can display multiple applications. In its request, the user can display the additional tasks in windows. This could be, for example, YouTube, Safari, Instagram, Calculator, Weather, etc. You can read Twitter and simultaneously view the events in the calendar, surf the Internet and play Sudoku.

Kodi - a multimedia center for organizing the collection of videos (previously XBMC). One of the features of the client for iOS is the native support for hardware encoding / decoding and video scaling for the desired display size. This component is so flexible that allows you to broadcast your iPhone or iPad uncompressed video in 1080p resolution with almost no loss of personnel.

SwipeSelection makes it easier and faster to move the cursor on the typed text, and more convenient to allocate the necessary parts for copying to the clipboard. The idea, by the way, is reflected in the new iOS 9 keyboard for the iPad. Using two fingers, it can turn into a trackpad that lets you move the cursor.

VideoPane implements feature to the iPad "picture in picture". The latest version is fully adapted for in iOS 8.4 allows you to play a video anywhere on the screen simultaneously with other applications. For design, it eliminates the need to close and restart videos when surfing the Web or reading email.

ReachApp: In accordance with the concept developer tweak iPad allows you to display two applications at once. At any moment the user can divide the display into two parts, each of which will be for a single task. There are many programs that users want to keep before the eyes of several open "windows" to perform tasks in parallel.

Anchor allows you to add "empty" icon on the home screen iPad.

Tage integrates new iPad multitasking gestures, using which you can switch between applications and multitasking bar to cause the most convenient and simple way. To call "ann switcher" is enough to bring a finger to the bottom of the screen iOS-device and gently pry it and to change the active task - to hold your finger from left to right or right to left from the edge of the display.

BioProtect can block applications using the fingerprint scanner integrated into the main button iPad. By default, the sensor automated access to the desktop and buying the App Store and iTunes Store. With this tweaks you can use the fingerprint module as to limit access to games and applications. For example, to block Photos, iMessage or clients of social networks.

BetterRotate iPad - retains the layout of icons on the home screen at any orientation of the tablet.

NCPad doing so notified to the iPad display to the full width of the screen. Addon makes changes only to the size of the pop-up banners, which will now be able to show more text, and the "Notification Center" on the iPad will remain intact.

iFile - is the most advanced file manager for iOS. By functional it reminds iFiles and Air Sharing from the App Store, but offers a wide range of operations for working with files and documents: creating, editing, archiving, deleting, moving, sending by e-mail, work by drag-n-drop, integration with Dropbox and more.

Safari Downloader + - convenient plug-in with a friendly interface and built-in file manager. Supports simultaneous download of several files. The user is able to download files from the Internet using Safari and store them in the memory of the mobile device. Downloaded files can be opened in iFile, Dropbox, VLC, and other third-party applications.

Below, you can see the video review 20 jailbreak tweaks for iPad, prepared iDB:

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