Tuesday, July 14, 2015

TweakHub: Customizing Cydia on iPhone and iPad

After the release of version 1.1.19 of Cydia (currently in version 1.1.22) some aspects of Cydia Substrate to accept changes through tweaks were modified. One of the first to offer customization of Cydia is TweakHub.

With TweakHub we find new packages based on the applications that have previously installed on your iPhone or iPad and even customize the tabs and sections of Cydia.

TweakHub: it never has been easier to customize Cydia

If you are looking for one of the tweaks that do show all the power that has now Cydia, then you do not need to keep looking. TweakHub can be downloaded through a third source or repository, that you will attach to the end of this article.

Yes, the tweak TweakHub not work on your iPhone or iPad that you have not updated to version 1.1.19 (or later) Cydia. Once this tool has been installed, a new section will appear in the lower right corner of Cydia.

Since this new section you can edit and replace any tab or the bottom section of Cydia.Until we can change your order!

In the "TweakHub" menu a list of all the applications we have installed will appear, and will allow us to discover all the tweaks that have been developed specifically for each and every one of our apps.

For example, if you usually use WhatsApp, tweaks appear as WAQuickReply, WAChatsHeads or WhatsApp +. And if we use Twitter, the Twitter tweak ++ will appear, and so on.

It has never been so easy to customize this interface elements Cydia. TweakHub offers a whole new experience for users of iOS with jailbreak. What do you think about this?

Download TweakHub

As I overtook above, the original version of TweakHub is not in the BigBoss repo, but can find by adding the following source:


If you are reading this post from an iPhone or iPad and have the jailbreak installed, you can also install TweakHub clicking this link directly without having to add the font you we provided in the previous paragraph.

These new tools to customize interface elements Cydia offer us an innovative user experience of IOS, what do you think about this? Have you already tried TweakHub to customize Cydia on your iPhone or iPad?

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