Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Twitter is updated with support for interactive notifications

Twitter walk in troubled times following the departure of former CEO, Costello, and the shareholders of the social network of 140 characters trying to push the platform while finding a new CEO and monetizing the platform, it seems that going in the right direction, after the latest financial results presented yesterday by the company.

A while ago Twitter developers wanted to break away from limiting the use of third-party applications by adding a token system, which limited the maximum number of facilities, but in recent weeks and after the departure of Costello, Twitter wants developers again and he is now allowing new application features such as automatic video playback, the option of citing tweet can already see it in applications such as Tweetbot and Twitterrific.

The Twitter app for iOS has been improving and worsening equally as will be getting updates. On the one hand while the ability to access the trending topic was removed, I can not understand why, creating a strong irritation to the users (just have to see the comments on the application in the App Store). On the other hand, it allows us to play upload videos directly to its platform to not have the need to leave the application in order to play, facing down the powerful YouTube, to a lesser extent.

The latest update that has received the application is the interactive reports that allow us to interact with them from the application in which we find ourselves without leaving or without unlocking the phone if it is locked at that time. While it is true that this type of notifications does not allow us to answer without leaving the application function that can finally be done with the arrival of iOS 9 it is a step forward to manage a faster way our timeline.

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