Saturday, July 4, 2015

What is it and how the Force Touch work?

The Force Touch is a new technology that, according to Apple, adds a new dimension to the user experience. It was presented by the Watch and the new Apple MacBook last year. The Force Touch makes it possible for the terminal to know the level of pressure you exert on the screen, adding a large number of new possibilities for the use of this.

The new trackpad with integrated sensor has been one of the largest and most striking developments has the latest MacBook. The function of these devices has not changed much over the years; usually always it based in a kind of steady touch with mouse buttons, but sometimes looks and acts like a single large button. The Force Touch trackpad is different, and not just because its surface is made of glass capacitive.

With respect to Apple Watch, this technology makes it possible to increase the possibilities of interaction with this without cluttering the screen buttons. In certain applications, a slightly higher pressure in the screen, you can take a new menu, without the need for any button is displayed on the screen. Examples of useful are these:

  • Customize spheres. Through this process you can turn the editor of the areas that show the time, allowing both its color and change the information displayed.
  • Respond to messages. In the Messages application on Apple Watch the option of responding not appear anywhere, unless you press firmly on the screen, so that a menu from which options will be displayed is the answer to received messages, either by emotions or voice memos.
  • Set your music. When you use your device as a remote control for your music, you can activate random mode and activate AirPlay, including through Force Touch.
  • Remove notification. Say you get a lot of reports at the same time, you can remove them one by one or touching the screen with noticeable pressure so that it appears on the option to delete them all together.

The uses that can give this new technology are much more than the above, it would be interesting to see how Apple implements and leverages on its new iPhone 6s, but it seems we have to wait until September for this actually done.

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