Wednesday, August 26, 2015

# 10 reasons to change your old iPhone to a new brand iPhone 6S

We know the Apple strategy released a new iPhone model every year. This year is no different and therefore it is obvious that in September new iPhone will be called, almost certainly, iPhone 6S  and iPhone 6S Plus. If we rely on what we already know about your screen, processor or battery and functions have been gradually discovering iOS9 can make a slight recommendation "buy it unless you can wait for the iPhone 7 will be even better."

iPhone change every year is rare unless we are very fanatical, some people jumps from 'S' in 'S' (iPhone 4S to 5S ...) and others who prefer round numbers and are of those who jumped iPhone 5 to iPhone 6.'ve personally been fortunate to be proving most iPhone's Apple has been launched, except perhaps the iPhone 4S and 5C that just passed through my hands a few hours.

That is why we want to give 10 tips for updating your old iPhone to a new iPhone 6S, we have not ordered in any way, they are just ideas, one after another:

1- Size matters. When you've used an iPhone 4.7 '' or 5.5 '' for more than two days you hate your old iPhone, so I'd say that's one. You will begin to see your old iPhone as a little toy, a collector's item. Obviously if you also have an iPhone 4 or 4S is perhaps time to take out the wallet and pay the retirement of Tim Cook. Everyone with whom we have spoken and have tested the iPhone 6 (or 6 Plus) has not said the same thing, would not switch to a smaller screen or in dreams. As is. Not only the display is better, the battery is bigger and therefore offers more autonomy, but when writing the letters are larger and less we mess.

2- As we say the battery is much better. This is something that I have discussed about the iPhone 6 Plus. If you're used to charge your iPhone one and even twice a day, with a lot Plus it will be reduced. If you make normal use you can even use it for two days.

3- The Touch ID makes the difference. Not talking about apple pay because as it is not already available in some country, frankly, we do not care. But the fingerprint is the key to the new technologies and safety. There is no safer method (which can be used in a clear phone) to protect our iPhone, or codes, or tours of the phone screen or facial scan ... the best is the footprint. Furthermore Touch ID will allow us to shop across applications simply with your finger. Goodbye to passwords. Welcome to internet security.

4- The camera is another big improvements over the last iPhone. Angel and he told us how he had advanced the iPhone's camera from the original to the current and new promises. In my case most of the times I've updated my iPhone has been for the best camera. The new iPhone  6S will bring certainly improvements in both the front and rear camera. We will have a camera with us selfies decent resolution, something the iPhone has not had until now. As for the rear camera we could have the first jump in MPX's from the iPhone 4S, from 8Mpx to 12Mpx. Also expected an improvement in the behavior of the pictures in low light.

5- Every year we have improved performance. Apple will implement a new, faster, more optimized processor. Always it has significant improvements over the previous generation and the new iPhone 6S's will. Now we have talked about it in a dedicated entrance. A9 is called and is expected to incorporate in one very significant parts of its hardware chip. It is also expected that the RAM is twice what will give us a performance when we use applications or games ever seen. The new feature of true multitasking iOS9 to take this role to the fullest.

6- You may not need your iPad anymore. A larger screen, faster processor, a larger autonomy ... the iPhone 6 and especially the iPhone 6 Plus is clearly an iPad Killer. Many iPhone 6 Plus users have told me they have sold their iPad since you have begun using a screen of 5.5 '', among whom I am indeed.

7- New ways of split screen (split-view) and landscape mode. IPhone 6 Plus, again, allows some applications to run in a special way horizontal enabling new functions or gestures. This is already happening in many applications, from the email application or the keyboard to Safari or other photo applications.

8- Support for Apple Watch. Depending on your iPhone you may find that your new iPhone 6S can be the first to be compatible with your Apple Watch. As  Apple watch fans can confirm it is a great gauge of daily activity.

9- Force Touch. As I discussed in the entry on this technology, the new iPhone screen will be implemented a layer sensitive to pressure. So not only will touch but also a new world is opened by pressure gestures, menus that open when we press on an icon, color palettes, copy options, more accessible without having to make multiple clicks ... the possibilities are endless. This really will make your iPhone screen is old.

10- If your iPhone is the old one have in white or black. Chin pun. But this new iPhone 6S come in silver, gold-gray or champagne color. If rumors are stabilized (one day is yes and the next not) could even have a new iPhone 6S in pink. Furthermore, this new model will be strengthened so that we can say goodbye to the stupid time of #bendgate chassis.

The truth is that when it will launch a new iPhone fanboy way we get in and we often happens that we just disappointing because we always expect more than what we get but surely in this iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus we have a strong renovation, but if we are honest it is not so necessary. Marketing and sales figures sent.

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