Saturday, August 1, 2015

6 most common Windows 10 problems and their solutions

On July 29, the light is a new version of the famous product of Microsoft - the operating system Windows 10. Computer publications, online resources around the world criticize the platform, tell about its advantages and disadvantages. And users complain about errors and problems that have plagued them after the upgrade to Windows 10.

Although the final build Microsoft has tried to eliminate all kinds of bugs and to make the system fully ready for use, the operating system there are problems.

activation errors

After a free upgrade from Windows 7 with SP1, or Windows 8.1 users have reported failure of activation of the operating system. The list of errors that users wrote: "This product key does not work", "There was a problem with the network", "An error occurred Safety", "The Software Licensing Service reported that there was an error when checking the license."

In this case, we must first open the "Start" menu, select Options> Updates and Security> Activate. Here, select the "Go to store" and check whether a valid license for the PC. If a valid license is not available, you must purchase the Windows Store. The error may occur in the event that the device is not connected to the Internet or firewall settings do not allow Windows to complete the activation process via the Web.


Chrome users on Windows 10 are faced with many problems, including slow performance, especially when performing intensive tasks, such as watching videos. Perhaps, Google will fix bugs in one of the next updates. Some users helped reinstall Chrome.

Where are my favorites?

The new completely redesigned browser Edge on the head better than Internet Explorer. Although, I must say, it would be difficult to create something worse than IE. Among the useful innovations Edge - the ability to take notes on a Web page, a new reading mode, reading the pages offline, integration with voice assistant Cortana.

But how to find the favorites in a new browser? The answer is very simple: click on the "..." button, go to the program settings, scroll down to the item "Import bookmarks from another browser" and select your old browser.

The folders problem

According to some users, there is an area in which Windows 8 is better than Windows 10: e-mail client. The new operating system software can not create subfolders to organize e-mail correspondence. For some users, it has become a real problem. Unfortunately, there is no way out of the situation: you should wait for updates from Microsoft.

Unstable Wi-Fi

After upgrading to Windows 10, many stopped working Wi-Fi. The simplest thing you can do - to restart the computer. A more robust solution: disable sharing Wi-Fi. By default, the operating system is active sharing network. Disabling the option to Wi-Fi Setting makes wireless connection more stable.

Driver Problems

With this bug had to face some users with Nvidia graphics cards and multiple monitors. Video card driver has a bug which causes the flicker when working with multiple monitors, as well as system crashes when using multiple graphics cards. To resolve this problem, you should revert to the previous version of the driver.

If users are faced with insurmountable problems, Microsoft has provided the program back to the previous operating system installed, but only for one month after installation. At the end of the month license on Windows 7/8 / 8.1 will finally turn into a license to Windows 10.

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