Saturday, August 29, 2015

Apple developing new wireless headphones with ambient noise cancellation

iPhone and iPods Castile were some of the most important accessories of Apple products, and acquiring Cupertino Beats offering them the opportunity to radically improve in the future.

Some of Apple's plans are revealed now a patent, it featuring a pair of wireless headphones that have implemented an advanced ambient noise cancellation, radically improved sound quality playback for users.

To cancel ambient noises each of the two microphone headset has one implemented, they took over the sounds around us in order to be canceled while the sounds reproduced by the terminal are amplified and played back more clearly.

Moreover, the headphones have implemented a series of sensors that measures, among other things, bone vibrations users, system and determining which of the two headsets play sounds clearer, adjusting audio stream for the other helmet.

Method of improving voice quality using a wireless headset with untethered earbuds starts by receiving first acoustic signal from first microphone included in first untethered earbud and receiving second acoustic signal from second microphone included in second untethered earbud. First inertial sensor output is received from first inertial sensor included in first earbud and second inertial sensor output is received from second inertial sensor included in second earbud. 

More interesting than that is new headphones can also determine whether only one or both ears are inserted into the ear to adjustments audio stream to the helmet we use, to it being sent the clearest audio stream in the idea of having and the best experience.

This technology is presently in the process of development and nobody knows if it will ever be released to users, but if you get in EarPod sites iPhones, it will provide a much better experience for listening music.

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