Friday, August 21, 2015

Apple released OS X El Capitan Recovery Update

Operating systems OS X Lion and later versions contain a restore function. It includes all the tools necessary to reinstall OS X, the disk troubleshooting and even restore from a backup Time Machine. Today, Apple released an update Recovery Update, designed for users of test versions of OS X El Capitan.

The recovery partition OS X El Capitan Recovery Update includes a built-in set of utilities that are part of the recovery. Through Restore OS X, you can: restore your Mac from a backup Time Machine, check and correct the data from the connected drive using Disk Utility, check the connection to the Internet or get help online using Safari, as well as install and reinstall OS X.

Incidentally, the new Mac models provides the ability to run Restore OS X directly from the Internet. The computer automatically uses this feature, the system recovery boot disk available. For example, if the boot disk error has been replaced or cleaned. OS recovery function via the Internet allows start up your Mac directly from the servers Apple.

The system performs a quick check of memory and hard disk to test the equipment for operating system OS X El Capitan is in the testing phase in June this year. Developers see the seventh beta version of the developer edition of the operating system, while users can download test programs fifth beta. OS X El Capitan Recovery Update is available for download via the Mac App Store on computers with OS X 10.11 Developer Preview.Reliz final version of OS X El Capitan will take place this fall. Together with the new operating system will introduce the next generation of Mac computers.

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