Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Apple replaces presentation system products in Apple Store

Last week we were told that Apple plans to make a major change to how its products are presented in Apple Store sites on the planet, giving up iPad tablets that provide information about them and about prices.

Instead of iPad tablets appeared a special application called Pricing, being installed in iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Macs exhibited by Apple in its stores, through it being offered details on product prices, and specifications.

Moreover, this application Pricing is able to allow including comparing products sold by Apple, so users can quickly find out which model suits them best and who can afford it, the same is offered and iPad CEs.

The change allows Apple to reduce the cost of energy, but to make room for placement of many products that can be effectively tested by users, the first Apple stores with the new system already exists in the US, others will benefit from it and in other areas of the world.

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