Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Apple Store: two important changes will come in the next few days

Will be two changes which come all the Apple Store in the coming days: iPods will be moved in the window of accessories and disappear the iPad "informative".

First, in the next few days the iPod will be moved on the shelves dedicated to accessories, whereas before you had to wait for the desired product was taken directly from the back of the store (just like with the iPhone and iPad). Now, the customer does not have to wait for anything and can take the iPod you want directly from the shelf. A real "downgrade" to a line, that of the iPod, less and less interesting for Apple.

In addition to this change, Apple is changing the way in which customers can try products details and prices of the various devices on sale. As of 2011, Apple had decided to replace the billboards of paper with a series of iPad 2 with which users could interact to read the characteristics of the devices in the vicinity. Now, Apple has decided to remove these iPad and display information directly on the iPhone, iPad and Mac sales: practically, the customer can comb through the technical characteristics of the various devices interacting directly with them.

Apple will use the space left free by these iPad to showcase a greater number of devices. The only iPad "information" saved will be those next to Apple Watch. Moreover, it seems that the decision to remove these iPad information was taken because many customers were confused and believed that those iPad were there to be tested for a possible purchase. Given that these customers were unable to make full use of these iPad, asking assistance to employees who, in turn, had to explain that it was just products "demo" and "informative".

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