Friday, August 28, 2015

Apple TV will get a fourth-generation remote control with motion sensors in the style of Nintendo Wii

Comes complete with Apple TV remote control . Apple Remote do not change in 2009, but the fourth-generation set-top boxes, which, according to preliminary data, will be released on 9 September cupertino intend to equip it with motion sensors. This resource TechCrunch reported on the eve of one of the company's employees, for obvious reasons, who asked not to be named.

One of the features of the new Apple TV remote than its competitors will be a motion detector allows you to manage objects or characters in the games of the wrist, or "pointing" to the objects displayed on the screen of the receiver box. It will provide work for the sensor "with multiple axes." On the other features advanced remote informant told the official Apple representatives also comments on the subject do not provide.

In May, the newspaper The New York Times reported that the Apple Remote will be equipped with a touch panel - touchpad - and will have two conventional mechanical buttons (presumably keys menu and start playback, as in previous versions), which means that touch control will replace the large four-way button. This gadget itself will be slightly thicker than its predecessor.

Journalist Matt Panzarino TechCrunch noted that experience with the new Apple TV «does not go to any comparison with the wretched interface smart-TV, with whom he previously had to deal with before." The gadget was so good that he would have called it "the first real Apple TV products».

In addition to "smart" remote control, the new Apple TV may get its own application store, and access to the new Apple's streaming television broadcast about 25 popular channels, including Fox, ABC, CBS and others.

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