Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Drop test: Galaxy S6 edge + vs iPhone 6 Plus vs Note 5

Everytime there is a new smart phone, YouTube videos are flooding with questionable from a scientific point of view, the strength test. The newly released Galaxy S6 edge + and Samsung Galaxy Ноте 5 no exception. Since the release of the devices have already appeared the first YouTube-video-drop tests.

Channel EverythingApplePro even published a video in which Galaxy S6 edge + compared to its direct competitor - iPhone 6 Plus - resistance to fall.

"Dimensions Galaxy S6 edge + a few more (by 0.2 mm compared to the iPhone 6 Plus - Ed.), Which means there is more space for destruction" - jokingly said to carry out tests "experimenter."

During the drop test the researcher turns throwing Galaxy S6 edge + and iPhone 6 Plus is on the asphalt with different heights. First, he simulated the situation when a device falls out of his trouser pocket. PHABLET from Samsung has successfully passed the test, despite the fact that its curved screen seems to be more vulnerable to damage. The blow on the asphalt on the device were barely noticeable scratches. As for the iPhone 6 Plus, after falling slightly damaged headphone jack, and the scope of the cracked screen.

The second level of testing is to lose PHABLET to human height. Galaxy S6 edge + left without damage, while made of a softer aluminum iPhone 6 Plus case is slightly scratched. However, a crack appeared in the result of the first test, has not increased.

After falling from three-meter height of the screen Galaxy S6 edge + with a protective coating Gorilla Glass 4 remains intact, and the body appeared a few scratches. IPhone 6 Plus display is thoroughly cracked and moved away from the frame. Even after the fall of the screen down PHABLET Samsung continued to work, while the child of Apple is not withstood the test and shattered.

The idea of how strong is the Galaxy Note 5, provides a video of the guys from PhoneBuff, that in their experiments used "professional machine for the drop test." During testing apparatus alternately fall down the back panel, the bottom part and the screen to different surfaces. Note that the back panel at the Galaxy Note 5 was not as strong as that of Galaxy S6 edge + - after falling from a meter height were multiple, but not deep cracks. The same applies to the display.

Despite the fact that the above tests is hardly scientifically based, they provide a very clear picture of the strength of the device.

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