Monday, August 31, 2015

Here's how to find out if yours iCloud account was compromised by hackers

Last week we told you that over 220,000 accounts iCloud have been stolen by Chinese hackers using tweaks distributed via repo sites of Cydia, users from 18 countries remain without accounts iCloud taken over by hackers without know them.

According to information provided by a security agency that discovered the malware that was the basis of this theft software retrieve e-mail used for logging into the website of Apple and password associated him so that hackers could access their accounts and steal any information from them.

Now if you are worried and do not know if yours account iCloud has been compromised or not by hackers using this malware, well in this website you can check the status of your account and you can rest assured if you are notified that you are safe.

Since the malware was so well thought out that nobody knew what was happening until the money began to disappear from accounts or passwords no proper accounts of social networks or emails, we talk about software extremely dangerous.

The malware hooks system processes through MobileSubstrate, and steals Apple account usernames, passwords and device GUID by intercepting iTunes traffic on the device. KeyRaider steals Apple push notification service certificates and private keys, steals and shares App Store purchasing information, and disables local and remote unlocking functionalities on iPhones and iPads. 

Working with those who have discovered the malware, a security company in Palo Alto discovered other 92 variations of malware in various tweaks and applications pirated distributed by China, so he motivated many other hackers to attack users iDevice CEs.

My advice is not to install tweaks in repo sites unknown or tweaks developed by  Chinese because they can be extremely dangerous and one day you can wake up including a terminal blocked by iCloud without knowing why it happens.

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