Tuesday, August 11, 2015

iPhone 6c: New rumors and leaks

A few days ago from GreenPois0n blog we mentioned that the release of a possible iPhone 6c was somewhat questionable, new rumors suggest that it may be quite likely that the new Apple Keynote scheduled for this September 9, said device is presented in public.

Up to 3 new handsets could be presented at the New Apple Keynote

Such rumors indicate that the Cupertino company would be interested in showing up to 3 different new mobile terminals during his presentation. A part of the expected iPhone 6s and the new family of iPad, Apple could present the terminal which has been speculating so far.

Doubts concerning the presentation of the new terminal are quite widespread and is also likely to present a new concept Apple iPhone 6s 4-inch internal improvement and renovation. If this were true, would offside all the rumors occurred so far.

However, and in the words of analyst Timothy Acuri, a new concept of mobile terminal 4 inches longer be developing for some months by Apple, although it remains to decide the model name of the device. An open and uncertain about the future of the new terminal to be added to the long list of rumors end.

A New Concept Device In The Air

Although Apple has not said anything about it, it seems that between January and March the company was working on a new concept very similar to the iPhone 6 iPhone 5c, everything (so far) seems to have been in the air or under the strictest secret so we'll have to wait until next September 9 to find out.

As has happened with previous iPhone models, the iPhone 6 seems to be in good harmony with the production line of Apple at least for a while. The Cupertino are happy with your product either sales or product itself, which seems to have decided to extend his life a little more, giving the bank a year.

The long list of seemingly endless Rumors

So, once more, because all these news are based entirely on speculation and we can not know for sure if a new concept of iPhone 6c will come out this coming September or will here a while rumors.

To intimidate the matter a little more and join the bandwagon of constant rumor, the website has released this week NowhereElse a picture of what appears to be a battery designed specifically for the new iPhone 6c. According to the portal, the battery has a capacity of 1,715mA and perhaps be developed for 4-inch devices because of its dimensions.

The long list of videos, images and statements seemingly endless hinting what could be (or not) the new Apple. While rumors grow, you'd better be patient and wait to see what they bring us the Cupertino this coming September 9th.

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