Friday, August 21, 2015

IPhone 6S rose gold color might be the fake of the year

A new day and a new set of rumors and denials about the future iPhone 6S. Many websites have been indicating that the next iPhone would be built in a pink gold color, however recent rumors deny it completely.

If we look back and see how has been the incorporation of new colors on the phones and Apple products you might think that an iPhone in pink gold, or just pink, it could be an option. However, according to many analysts suggest this does not show the image that was posted on the blog Image was originated and established in March 2015, the funny thing is that it has started talking about it this week, with plenty of pictures, some very questionable, iPhone 6S.

Just we have to wait until 9 September to have official confirmation or denial of this rumor.

If we analyze in detail we might think that photography is a botched someone who has had plenty of free time, including this iPhone in a package that looks like it would be the original, with a bag bottom of a physical store seems quite absurd. It just seems like a maneuver of pure and marketing. Do the products come from factories in bag? ...

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